Slush Machine

If those cans of drink and water from the tap are no longer quenching your thirst on the hottest day, it might be high time to invest in a slush machine. These brilliant new kitchen gadgets are taking the nation by storm and ensuring everybody stays cool and refreshed then the sun decides to beat down.

What could be simpler than using ice and the flavour of your choice to make the best drink in the world? In fact, the best bit about using a slush machine is watching your drink being made. Fans of Slurpees and Slush Puppies will already appreciate just how amazing a frozen drink can be and will already be thinking of the flavour possibilities!

Perfect for Cocktails, Mocktails, Desert Toppings, and Your Morning Fix

Your slush machine will take pride of place on your kitchen worktop and it's sure to stay there all summer long. In fact, the slush machine is great for parties throughout the year as it can be used to make frozen cocktails and even cool and delicious icy toppings for desserts - how about some iced mango syrup on that cheesecake? And if you can't do without your coffee or tea in the morning, the slush machine is also perfect for making frozen tea and coffee blends.

The slush machine can pretty much take any flavour and mix it with ice to create a wonderfully refreshing and tasty drink. From cola and orange flavours through to peppermint coolers and frozen margaritas you'll be constantly thinking up awesome new ideas for this clever little addition to your kitchen.

A Great Little Addition for Any Kitchen

Throwing a party just got more exciting thanks to the home slush machine. Whether you are planning a summer BBQ or getting together for some impromptu drinks, just whip out the slush machine and you'll instantly have drinks orders being shouted out from all angles. This little machine is so versatile and can handle frozen cocktails and mocktails without any problems. It's the perfect kitchen gadget for any party and what's more, it's affordable!

Refreshing Homemade Slushies All Year Round

Placing your order couldn't be easier. If you are looking for a great way to serve refreshing summer drinks, this is one gadget that is sure to be used day after day. Kids and adults alike love the cool taste of a slushie on a hot summer day so why not treat the whole family to a slush machine this year? More versatile than a soda stream and more exciting than a bottle of soda, the slush machine is one kitchen gadget that is here to stay!