Invest in an Industrial Slush Machine and Freeze Out Your Competitors

Slush machines never go out of date and are a welcome sight for customers in many establishments. Cinemas, convenience stores and schools and colleges are just some of the areas you might see one of these hugely popular machines and their popularity continues to grow year on year.

An industrial slush machine could be just the thing to get more paying customers into your establishment and not just during the summer months. Research shows that slushes are just as popular during the colder months inside cinemas and other retail outlets especially amongst younger customers.

Industrial slush machines can give you a great return on your investment purely based on the cost of the ingredients. A little flavoured syrup and ice is all that is required to make a slush puppy and with the exception of cups and straws, you need not buy anything else to run your machine. The larger ‘Slurp' type slushes are very much on trend right now and give you a great return based on size and the price you can charge.

There is a wide range of industrial slush machines on the market today in a number of different sizes. These can be placed alongside your other drinks machines or in cafeterias or public areas. Customers can either help themselves and purchase at a paypoint or they can be served from behind a counter. Most of the industrial slush machines on offer today come with a 12 month guarantee on parts and a labour warranty. This can often be extended to 3 years for additional peace of mind.

Most industrial slush machines have drum capable of holding 10 litres of slush. Choose from 1 drum or 3 drum machines depending on your requirements. These machines are very eye-catching when filled with bright, delicious slush and are very easy to use and maintain. Their performance is also unrivalled when it comes to reliability and productivity and they allow you to serve many slush products during a normal day's business.

For any business or establishment looking to attract new customers or customers looking for something a little unique, industrial slush machines are a great solution. Safety and hygiene are another big consideration for any business selling drinks or ices. Industrial slush machines are very easy to keep clean and consist of glass and stainless steel - perfect for ensuring you maintain your usual high hygiene standards.

Invest in industrial slush machines now in time for the summer rush. Choose from a wide range of syrups and give your customers something unique and thirst-quenching all year round that will keep them coming back for more.