How To Make A Slush Puppie

The Slushie Maker puts an end to the question of how to make a Slush Puppie with its easy instructions, quick action and fantastic results! It really is so easy to use. There's no fuss, no expensive ingredients and absolutely no mess.

Simply load up your slushie maker with ice, a little table salt and the juice or flavouring of your choice and away you go. The slushie maker will get to work and in a few moments you'll have a thirst-quenching and icy fruit drink. Makes up to 1 litre of slushy goodness at one time so you'll always have plenty to go around when friends come over.

Another great thing about the slushie maker is that you can make frozen alcoholic drinks. Imagine that frozen margarita on a hot Saturday afternoon. Bliss. Simply add the alcohol at the end as adding too early will affect the quality of the mixture.

How to Make a Slush Puppie

There are so many variations of a Slush Puppie you can try. Here we've put together a couple of recipes for you, but really the sky is the limit when you make your own slushie creations.

Watermelon & Grape Cooler

4 Slices of Watermelon (seeds removed)
160g seedless red or green grapes
A tsp honey

Mash the grapes in a bowl. Remove the skin from the watermelon and remove the seeds. Cut up the melon into small pieces. Whiz ingredients in a blender and add to slushie maker. Let the unit run for 20 minutes and you'll have a gorgeous slushie to enjoy out on the patio.

Breakfast Zinger

8oz/227ml Grapefruit Juice
2oz/56ml Lemon Juice
2oz/56ml Apple Juice

Pop all the ingredients in the slushie maker and allow to run until the desired consistency is achieved.

Tips on How to Get Even Better Results

Once you have poured out the mixture, it's a good idea to let it chill in the fridge or freezer for a little while before pouring into the slushie maker. This will help speed up the freezing process.

If you are using a mixture that has lot of sugar in it, it will tend to reach the right consistency before mixtures that contain milk or low sugar do.

Don't use thick mixtures like whipped cream - always start with thin liquid ingredients.

Don't leave the machine on longer than you need to. 40 minutes is probably a good cut-off time. If your slushie isn't done by then you should turn off the unit and revise your recipe.

You can use carbonated drinks to make slushies but they don't freeze easily.